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Beka needs the help of society!

Beka Gogoladze has a hard story… A completely healthy, 24 years old boy was involved in a serious accident by his own motorcycle on May 14. Beka survived, but has sustained multiple injuries of the body.

As the result of the accident, Beka injured spine, spinal cord, first and seventh vertebra… Also has damaged the abdominal cavity and it became necessary to cut the spleen and sew the hepatis.

During the accident he has got also brain damage, as the result of which Beka was in a comatose state.

Beka has visual and hearing impairment.

Beka’s condition currently is stable, but he is a wheelchair user, unable to move independently, has hearing loss and difficulty in communicating.

Beka needs an expensive rehabilitation that will be able to bring him back on his feet and bring him back to full value life.

The cost of rehabilitation is 12000 GEL per month.

The family has exhausted all resources and needs the help of society.

I appeal to everyone, take Beka’s hard story close to heart and provide him the financial assistance.

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