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Guga Naskidashvili, Ischemic stroke

Guga is missing 200 Gel  Even 1 GEL given by the hearts of 200 kind people is enough for this sunny boy

If we want, we can suddenly collect this money so that Guga can conduct researches…


After little Guga Naskidashvili had an ischemic stroke, a lot of problems appeared, analyzes and researches can’t be conducted to the child due to lack of funds…


#Share #for Guga


I ask you to be considerate, even one GEL is crucial for the life of Guga…

In 2020, Guga developed an ischemic stroke, after that the child began to have epileptic seizures…

Guga is constantly on medication and the child has more than one complication…

Guga urgently needs to conduct researches, the opportunity of which Guga’s mother does not have…

We are asking you to help Guga…

Destination #for Guga    Transferring from abroad via Paypal system.
Bank details:
Bank of Georgia
TBC  Bank
Halyk Bank
Liberty Bank
Call from any operator 1 GEL  # 0901700483

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