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For David , Every GEL is crucial!

He was only 17 years old, when he faced with the most difficult diagnosis and since then he is fighting against the severe disease for 4 years …

He has endured all the complications and has come so far.

 The diagnosis of David Chincharadze is Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, IV stage.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy were conducted.

When he thought that everything bad was left in the past, the disease began to progress again.

This time the metastasis appeared in the head …

The metastasis caused an epileptic seizure, as a result of which it became necessary to prescribe medication.

Datuna started suffering from strong headaches, he is mostly under the influence of sedatives and rarely speaks…

It is necessary to start radiation therapy immediately!

Family has done everything possible, for so many years they have been treated him abroad on their own funds, but now they don’t have such finances…

 So now is our time, it is time to give a small amount by kind heart…

Humans, let’s save David’s life!

Destination: #fordavid    Transferring from abroad via Paypal system.
Bank details:
Bank of Georgia
TBC  Bank
Halyk Bank
Liberty Bank
Call from any operator 1 GEL  # 0901700483

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