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Aleksi Shakhbekov – Tumor of the optic nerve.

We want to introduce you a little Aleksi, having tumor of the optic nerve, who endured much pain and torture, who has changed several hospitals, where no one knew the exact diagnosis…

At the moment, he is fighting to save life in the reanimation of the Istanbul Hospital …

 Initially, Aleksi was taken to one of the hospitals of Tbilisi, an operation was performed, but the doctors entered an infection, due to which the tumor formation was irritated … the condition of child got worse…

The second operation was performed, but doctors did not give chance for survival. Aleksi was immediately transferred to Turkey, the child barely survived on the way …

 Diagnosis was made in Istanbul and the treatment began… However, the child’s condition was already aggravated …

A large amount of money is needed to save Aleksi’s life, so we appeal to you, humans…

Let’s save this little Angel, mother’s Angel…

Destination: #foraleksi    Transferring from abroad via Paypal system.
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Bank of Georgia
TBC  Bank
Halyk Bank
Liberty Bank
Call from any operator 1 GEL  # 0901700483

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