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Anna Bubashvili, Cerebral palsy

“Mothers’ Fund” has received the hardest letter…

“Because of my spouse’s illness we had to mortgage our apartment in the bank, my spouse died, now my daughter and I are left alone, relying on neighbors to keep us from starving.”

19-year-old Anna Bubashvili suffers from Cerebral Palsy and is bedridden …
Extreme poverty and hunger are added to the disease…
A mother and her daughter wait for each new day, hoping for the neighbors to share a piece of bread with them; unfortunately, it is impossible to explain to Anna why they have to starve…

The family’s income is only the social allowance and Anna’s pension, which is not even enough to cover Anna’s needs.

Because of Anna’s condition, mother is unable to work and spends all day by her side.

The family is in desperate need; they have difficulty in buying even the small amount of food.

We appeal to all of you, let’s share a piece of bread with Anna and make her life a little easier!

Destination: for Anna Bubashvili    Transferring from abroad via Paypal system.
Bank details:
Bank of Georgia
TBC  Bank
Halyk Bank
Liberty Bank
Call from any operator 1 GEL  # 0901700483

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