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Salome Lomidze, Myelodysplastic syndrome

Share in order to help her…

Salome is reading each comment, please, let’s encourage her .

Salome is now fighting to survive in a Turkish clinic… But the family can’t pay the money…

Salome was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome in Turkey… Girl’s condition is hard… She requires expensive treatment and a spinal cord transplant…

The treatment is connected with a huge amount and the family refers to society for help.

We believe that together we will be able to fight for Salome’s life and recover her with a small amount of money.

Destination #for Salome    Transferring from abroad via Paypal system.
Bank details:
Bank of Georgia
TBC  Bank
Halyk Bank
Liberty Bank
Call from any operator 1 GEL  # 0901700483

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