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Tamila Tsereteli, Tumor

How could we help, when the post is not even been shared…

I appeal to you all and ask you to save my mother… I will do everything to make my mother stay with us for a long time.

I hope for your help…

S h a r e

#Destination #for Tamila

Tamila’s family has no longer funds for treatment… Please everyone help us…

We are dealing with a tumor (cancer) of the pancreas and liver, which has also caused other problems (for example, blockage of the bile duct).

At the moment, she is in hospital in Turkey. She is conducted many examinations and procedures.

Surgery and a cycle of chemotherapy after the biopsy are planned, followed by another surgery.

With the help of acquaintances, we were able to treat her. A lot of money was spent, we also borrowed a lot.

A number of growths of different sizes were found on the pancreas and liver. In addition, one of the growths pushes the bile duct, due to which the bile flows into the gallbladder and poisons the body.

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