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“Sweet Country” -the charity company!

The Mothers’ Fund already for 5 years is engaged in charitable activities, within the framework of which it implements social projects.

The aim of the Fund’s social project is to provide food assistance to families being in extreme need.

Social assistance has become especially vital since March 2020, when, amid a global pandemic, many Georgian citizens were left without jobs and incomes. During this period, in order to help the society, the Mothers’ Fund began a new social project “Stay at home, we will bring you food.” Within the project, citizens had the opportunity to register on a specially created link, fill in personal data and register as a beneficiary.

After registration, the staff of the Fund provided each family individually with Non-Perishable food.

During the project, the Fund by its own resources provided assistance up to 3,000 families throughout Tbilisi, Rustavi and Gori.

The number of registered on the site people was much higher, that’s why the administration decided to continue the project.

At this stage, the Fund’s truck every week visits different districts of Tbilisi and distributes food completely for free.

“Sweet Country” was the first company that contacted us and expressed its desire to cooperate and help us.

The company, completely for free, delivered its confectionery products to families and children being in extreme need who dream of sweets.

The Mothers’ Fund would like to thank the “Sweet Country” for its charity.

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